Benedict on the 1960s


Pope Emertus Benedict XVI wrote a letter (apparently) blaming the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church on the culture of the 1960s. I read the letter and I have a lot to say about it and how moral theology evolves over time. Take a listen and tell me what you think!


The Ontario Sex Education Curriculum


The Ontario government has gone back and forth over the changes in the sex education curriculum. In 2015 a new curriculum was introduced that upset people enough to elect Doug Ford who immediately undid it putting us back to the 1998 curriculum. So what are people upset about and why? Where should we go from here?

A New Christianity

The Underground Xmas


Christianity has become very narrow in the way that it is expressed. In the early church, Christianity was not like that, there were many sects that varied widely. The Gnostic Gospels reveal a Christianity that has been lost to history because of decisions made long ago. What does this look like and can we recover some of that back?