Objectification of a Woman



I have seen articles like the one above on Facebook several times this past little while. Is this not the epitome of objectification of women? I often have little good to say about feminism, mostly because of this exact thing. When we see modern feminism in the news/media we usually only see one type. We see women like the FEMEN movement who are protesting with their shirts off. While what they are protesting may be for a very good cause, all anyone is seeing is angry women with no shirts on. Which seems very counter intuitive….
For the most part Feminism has become first world women complaining about first world problems. They are upset because they aren’t allowed to murder children in their womb. They want to be liberated so they can do what they want with their bodies, which means have sex often and with many different partners (which sounds a lot like what they accuse men of doing….). Meanwhile men, women and children are being actually oppressed in other countries. Maybe it is unfair to lump all Feminism into one category like that, but that is exactly why we use words like “Feminism”. We use titles as short hand so we don’t have to describe our beliefs on each individual issue. Sorry sane feminists but crazy, naked, pro-choice feminists have high jacked your word.


I don’t believe we have to go to other countries if we want to find women being oppressed though. It is going on in our own backyard, the problem is I don’t hear many people talk about it. The article above and the many others just like it are a prime example of women being oppressed, except I haven’t seen one article from someone upset about it. 

The suffrage movement started because women were not seen as people and were not given the right to vote. That is a legitimate problem that needed to be fixed. From there women have come such a long way, even to the point of being able to do any job a man does. Women have entered the world of politics and high ranking CEOs and even…. sports. It’s taken women 100 years to go from not being seen as a person to making the cover of a sports magazine. And yet read the title of the article above… “20 Female Athletes Known More For Their Looks Than Their Game”

All this way for women to be looked at as sex objects instead of being seen for their abilities. That is what feminists should be upset about! These girls worked their whole lives to be good at a sport and it turns out they just needed to look good. Apparently it doesn’t matter how good at the sport they are if they are ugly, because no one cares about you if you’re an ugly woman. We should want women to be looked at as more than something to look at. So when FEMEN only lets attractive girls be their protesters and they happen to be half naked, is that solving a problem? I’m sure they get more attention that way but they are also encouraging what they should be fighting.



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