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Do we coddle children too much? Are we so overprotective that we are depriving young people of opportunities to grow and learn? Well, my guest and I talk about a school in New Zealand who thinks so an why it might be a good idea!


An Open Letter to the President of the University of Windsor

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Below is an email I wanted to make public for everyone else at the University of Windsor. I’m tired of being embarrassed to tell people where I went (and go) to University. I’m tired of saying to high school students “Oh, don’t go to the University of Windsor, go anywhere else.” which I’ve said SEVERAL times. (And yes, I did include the picture in the email.)

Dear Mr. Kneal, 

My name is Mike McPherson and I have to drive from Tilbury to come to class on days like today. York, Toronto, Brock, Western, McMaster, and St Clair College are all closed today and yet one University stands out in disregard for their students’ well-being. I regret my decision to come here, I thought being close to my family would be worth going to a low-quality University, but I was wrong. I would like you to know that I wouldn’t be so upset about this except that my experience in the Faculty of Education, as well as previously in my undergrad, has been the worst experiences of my life. I wrote an email to the president back in 2012 about a Professor not showing up for an exam and it seems that nothing has changed. I love University, I love learning but I hate having my time wasted. So I will just repeat what I said in 2012, I am supremely disappointed in this university and I will discourage anyone I know from attending it. My time is precious and I think it is unjust to ask me to give up more of my time.
P.S. Is it any surprise that Maclean’s magazine ranks the Universities with the highest students feeling overwhelmed, The University of Windsor ranked 3rd. I believe this is because it has been made clear that this institution does not care about its students. This University has been a complete letdown, whether it is not canceling classes or switching the student site mid-year, or the nightmare that is communicating with the registrar’s office. 
Also, below is the email and below that is an email I sent to Alan Wildeman back in 2012 about a prof skipping an exam for no reason.

Dear Mr. President, today our professor missed our exam without any notice before or during the exam. We waited in the class for a few hours and the GA took attendance and everyone left without hearing from the professor or writing the exam. (The professor had the exams, not the GA.)

She now wants us to write it as a take home exam that is due on Thursday. This is an outrageous request. I gave up my time to studying and being present for the exam and I think it is unfair to ask us students to give up more time for this class. The only reasonable way to deal with this problem is to give everyone 100% on the exam. I do not see any reasonable explanation as to why I should have to sacrifice anymore of my time and energy for this class.

I have had several other issues with the University of Windsor this semester. I am supremely disappointed in this university and I will discourage anyone I know from attending it. My time is precious and I think it is unjust to ask me to give up more of my time.

Thank you for your time, Mike McPherson.


They didn’t even bother to salt the sidewalks for the students…

The Ontario Sex Education Curriculum


The Ontario government has gone back and forth over the changes in the sex education curriculum. In 2015 a new curriculum was introduced that upset people enough to elect Doug Ford who immediately undid it putting us back to the 1998 curriculum. So what are people upset about and why? Where should we go from here?